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and they never spoke of it again


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To celebrate the end of the anime I wanted to put together a set with a scene from each arc (or in chimera ant arc’s case a few since it’s so long). The anime was as good of an adaptation as anyone could ever ask for, it was a blessing that Madhouse was the one to do it. I’ve never seen such a high quality long-running shonen anime and it was amazing seeing how they translated the manga into animation.

It’s sad to see it end but don’t forget the manga is still ongoing! When it’s not on hiatus, anyway.

And I just wanna say thanks for all the support over the past almost two years, it’s been a lot of fun being in the HxH fandom and I appreciate all the kind words and enjoyment of my art so much! I still love HxH as much as the day I finished the manga and I’m nowhere near done drawing for it, I hope others will continue to love it and stick with it and that it’ll continue getting the appreciation it deserves!

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Kakashi Hatake + Icha Icha books
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